HL Dual axis tracker

Maximum energy

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HL 1.5 axis pv tracker

Lowest cost of energy

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IRESEN Green Energy Park, Morocco

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Off-grid industrial pilot project for more efficient renewable energy solutions


Utility scale pv farms

& industrial applications

Reliable & Cost effective for the lowest Levelized cost of energy

Reliability and cost effectiveness underpin a solar project’s profitability over the +20 years of operations.  In the United States, solar tracking dominates the utility scale market as the most cost effective solution to increase energy output. HeliosLite’s innovative designs take tracking to new performance heights and opens tracking solutions to non-utility scale projects (including off-grid applications).

HeliosLite meets this challenge via elegantly simple solutions using standard & proven components and an informational system for complete performance monitoring.

You choose the PV technology best adapted to your project and HeliosLite has the best tracking solution for you.

Based in the French Alps, HeliosLite adds value to photovoltaic energy installations thanks to disruptive tracking systems suitable for conventional and high concentrator photovoltaic technology.

HeliosLite’s technology opens new markets and accelerates the use of renewable energies (like at Club Med’s Cap Skirring Village in Senegal / see video below).

HeliosLite CPV tracker maximum tilt