Expertise, Innovation & Market driven

The Team

HeliosLite’s activities cover product development with performance monitoring, supply chain management and marketing & sales of renewable energy products.

Incorporated in April 2013 in the French Alps, HeliosLite has a team of highly qualified professionals in France and Australia.

The three cofounders are proven experts in the areas renewable energy, electronic control devices and project management & finance. They bring the additional insight of their American, Australian and French origines.

Etienne MENARD

Etienne MENARD

  • 10 years of experience in HCPV technology and >35 patent applications
  • Former co-founder of Semprius Inc, Leader of Advanced R&D with >M$ government funded projects.
Jay Boardman


  • 25 years of diversified industrial and financial management and negotiation
  • Commercial & financing negotiation success with new renewable energy product launches
Stephen Gale
Stephen GALE

  • Designed several tracking controllers for CPV solar systems
  • Considerable experience in control system hardware design, C and DSP programming, avionics and modern manufacturing techniques