Solar farms & Off grid turn-key applications

Competitive and dependable energy production from conventional flat and High Concentrator PV modules.

HeliosLite adapts to your needs for large scale solar farms and for turn-key energy systems for on or off-grid applications with two solar tracking solutions: 1.5 axis tracker for conventional PV modules and dual axis tracker for High Concentrator PV modules.

Two solutions for one result: maximize energy production for a lower cost of energy.

The service scope includes:

  • site lay-out and shading analysis
  • complete tracker installation from final civil work, fondations, on-site tracker assembly and module installation and electrical wiring up to the inverter
  • tracker calibration for the initial power production and O&M training
  • remote monitoring & control including performance analysis
  • extended garanties packages are available

HeliosLite’s adaptation can also include industrial sourcing to improve local content and integration of a preferred supplier network.  Highly adaptable and robust, HeliosLite’s trackers open new market applications to better meet your needs.



tracker solaire Helioslite

Opening new markets for our customers

Thanks to Club Med’s support of innovation, HeliosLite installed a 2 tracker, 8kWc demonstrator with Photowatt PV modules at the Cap Skirring Village in Senegal.  HeliosLite estimates the energy output increase above 35% compared to a fixed structure.  The turn-key PV plant works hand in hand with the diesel generator during grid outages to reduce fuel consumption.

HCPV technology modules are two-to-three times more efficient than conventional silicon and thin-film modules, delivering more than 300 watts per square meter. In high DNI regions, HeliosLite’s unique dual axis tracker opens new HCPV applications, such as rural electrification, without using heavy lift equipment.