Maximize energy & Improve LCOE

HeliosLite trackers for conventional and High Concentrator PV modules combine a unique mechanical & electronic architecture with proven high reliability linear actuators and cost effective installation techniques of traditional PV.

The in-house control software drives the tracker based on maximum electrical output without using sun sensors.

Each tracker functions in network with other trackers thanks to a central control unit.  More trackers can be added to an existing network for a progressive deployment.

The in-house SCADA and remote control software consolidates operational and weather data for an unprecedented level of performance evaluation.  A smart phone application is available for in the field operations.


HeliosLite HCPV tracker: timelapse video at Savoie Technolac


  • Proven linear actuators
  • Off the shelf components
  • Performance monitoring
  • 20 year design life

Cost effective

  • Higher energy output
  • Less metal per m²
  • Lower installation cost
  • No annual maintenance
  • Trackers can be relocated
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  • Development phase performance data provided by CEA-INES for DAT
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • Full structural model
  • Designed to meet IEC standards
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