Product Description

HeliosLite has been collaborating with the Société des 3 Vallées since 2019 on the combining photovoltaic plants on high-altitude hill reservoirs with any impact on to improve the production of artificial snow. The “East-West” version of HeliosFloat is part of the exclusive license agreement with exceptional allowance for HeliosLite to experiment the product with S3V.

Product Features

  • Non-flammable and 100% recyclable aluminum structure.
  • UV-resistant structure.
  • Higher wind resistance.
  • Significant reduction in logistics costs.
  • On-site production reduces the land required for assembly and lowers environmental impact.
  • Unique O&M platform improves worker safety and efficiency.

Commercial Partner

Protected by an international patent, HeliosFloat will be marketed by a French global industrial group under an exclusive 11-year worldwide license agreement.

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