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Energy megatrends transform the way we live and open opportunities for a more sustainable future. Growing electrification, environmental concerns and the desire to become responsible consumers are driving forces shaping the energy sector and driving innovation in the development of local and more environmentally friendly solutions.

HeliosLite designs & develops cost effective solar innovations in response to these energy megatrends and brings them to market through strong partnerships.

Partnering for Success

From concepts to proven solutions

Since 2013, HéliosLite designs complete and patented photovoltaic structures that integrate different technologies resulting from the R&D work carried out by its engineers.

HéliosLite masters the entire technical development cycle, conducts collaborative experiments and joins with strategic partners for the industrialization or marketing of its products.

Protected by specific patents, each product provides distinctive technical features for higher performance. 

Generation of new technologies

Partners and early adopter customers

Oscaro Power
Wam Park
Société des 3 Vallées
Green Source

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