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Dual axis PV tracker

1.5 axis PV tracker
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HL39PV combines a unique mechanical & electronic architecture.

HeliosLite trackers for conventional and High Concentrator PV modules combine a unique mechanical and electronic architecture with proven high reliability linear actuators and cost effective installation techniques of traditional PV.

The in-house control software drives the tracker based on maximum electrical output without using sun sensors.

Each tracker functions in network with other trackers thanks to a central control unit.  More trackers can be added to an existing network for a progressive deployment.

The in-house SCADA and remote control software consolidates operational and weather data for an unprecedented level of performance evaluation.  A smart phone application is available for in the field operations.

HeliosLite HCPV tracker: timelapse video at Savoie Technolac


HeliosLite was invited, at the Solar Decathlon Europe challenge, to install and operate a turn-key photovoltaic system on the condition that the system would require no in-ground foundation and be remotely managed.

A 25m² tracker prototype was taken down at Savoie Technolac and reassembled at Solar Decathlon with Sunpower E-327 photovoltaic panels. As recorded by the remote monitoring system, the 5.2 kWc system functioned perfectly during the entire exhibit with no interruption and generated 416 kWh of electricity.

At the close of Solar Decathlon Europe, the system was removed leaving no environmental impact and put back in operation at the CEA-INES facility in Savoie Technolac.

Existing dual-axis tracking solutions could not meet Solar Decathlon’s requirements.  HeliosLite not only met these requirements, but surpassed them and demonstrated a new cost effective movable ground-top kit approach to open new solar applications.

Sumitomo installation

Fontainebleau installation