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1.5 axis PV tracker

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Dual axis PV tracker

HLPV12 model offers 12 photovoltaic panels (60 and 72 cell) formats compatible with standard and bifacial technology. HLPV12 is pre-certified under Eurocodes and has completed wind tunnel and accelerated aging tests in addition to pilote projects since 2016.

HLPV12 model garanties optimized energy production: 20% to 35% more energy output per year versus a fixed PV structure and stable daily productioncurve is ideal for self-consumption applications. The energy output pays for the tracker in less than 3 years.

HLPV12 model electronic control system is self-powered by the PV panels and battery backed-up with Li-Ion technology. A smartphone application allows tracker communication. The monitoring solution is integrated for remote production and performance control.

HeliosLite modular 1.5 axis solar tracker for off-grid, industrial sites, hotel resorts and utility scale solar farms.


Highly scalable, robust, easy to install & movable, HeliosLite's 1.5 axis tracker opens high performance tracking to industrial, self-consumption & off-grid applications from 20kWp.

HeliosLite's engineering team optimizes the tracker layout solar plant for developers of utility scale solar farms and estimates the energy output gain of the 1.5 axis tracker versus alternative solutions.

HeliosLite provides training to become a certified HLPV12 installer for photovoltaic energy professionals. Simple rooftop transportation is possible on utility vans. HLPV12 offers innovative anchor solution, no concrete is required. HLPV12 light weight steel structures permits an easy & quick installation process. HeliosLite provides an optimized process for a complete installation in less than one day at the customer’s site.

Hotel & touristic applications: Nurai Island installation

Agricultural applications: La Côte d'Or installation