Product Description

HeliosBox will improve your profitability by saving you time and money throughout the project cycle.

With our innovative system, project-specific layout and ballast calculations have never been easier. Our online configurator allows you to customize your solar installation to meet your exact requirements. Simply input your project details, and our configurator will generate the optimal layout and ballast calculations for you. This streamlines the design process and ensures that your solar system is tailored to your specific needs.

We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to module compatibility. That's why our system is fully compatible with large-scale modules at no extra cost. Whether you choose standard-sized modules or larger ones, our HeliosBox can accommodate them seamlessly. You can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and maximize the energy output of your solar system without any additional expenses.

Logistics can be a significant factor in solar projects, both in terms of cost and time. Our HeliosBox addresses this challenge by offering high packing density. With up to 250kWc of HeliosBox East-West structures per European palette, you can optimize transportation efficiency and reduce logistical expenses. This efficient packing allows for more streamlined operations and quicker deployment of your solar installation.

We believe that simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand. Our HeliosBox features a simple yet robust design, and its intuitive assembly steps require minimal worker training. The straightforward installation process ensures that your project progresses smoothly and on schedule. You can save time and resources by minimizing training requirements and maximizing the productivity of your workforce.

Product Features

  • Same product for flat rooftops and ground mounted projects.
  • Designed and manufactured in France.
  • Economical and quick to assemble.
  • Without tools, fixing by clipping.
  • Easily movable.
  • Robust and recyclable.
  • Wind tunnel tested for Eurocode compliance.
  • Laboratory mechanical resistance tests.
  • Independant engineer certification under French "Enquête Technologie Nouvelle" procedure to comply with insurance requirements for rooftop installations.

Commercial Partner

Exclusive distribution agreement with Krannich Solar France.

Commercialization by Krannich Solar France is scheduled for September 2023. Among the largest photovoltaic distributors, Krannich Solar is a key player for the photovoltaic installer market in more than 25 countries. 

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Exclusive distribution agreement with Krannich Solar France.