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Our 1.5 axis PV tracker

HLPV12 model offers 12 photovoltaic panels (60 and 72 cell) formats compatible with standard and bifacial technology. HLPV12 is pre-certified under eurocodes and has completed wind tunnel and accelerated aging tests in addition to pilote projects since 2016.

HLPV12 model garanties optimized energy production: 20% to 35% more energy output per year versus a fixed PV structure and stable daily production curve is ideal for self-consumption applications. The energy output pays for the tracker in less than 3 years.

Our dual axis tracker

HeliosLite's dual tracker for conventional and High Concentrator PV modules combiness a unique mechanical & electronic architecture with proven high reliability linear actuators and cost effective installation techniques of traditional PV.

The in-house control software drives the tracker based on maximum electrical output without using sun sensors. Each tracker functions in network with other trackers thanks to a central control unit.  More trackers can be added to an existing network for a progressive deployment.

Our tailored services

Highly adaptable and robust, HeliosLite’s trackers open new market applications to better meet your needs.

HeliosLite offers:

  • energy output estimation and comparisons services, 
  • site lay-out and shading analysis, 
  • training for the complete tracker installation,
  • on-site tracker assembly and module installation,
  • electrical wiring up to the inverter, 
  • tracker calibration for the initial power production, 
  • remote monitoring and control including performance analysis.

Extended garanties packages are available.

HeliosLite’s services can also include industrial sourcing to improve local content and integration of a preferred supplier network.

Local content for a local advantage

To better meet IPPs needs, HeliosLite can source parts from local suppliers for part of the tracker structure.